“Cerco di rappresentare nello spazio fisico il senso più intimo delle azioni che la Natura e l’uomo compiono ogni giorno...” ( Emilio Sorvillo )


Emilio Sorvillo, born in Britain in 1971, lives and works in Italy. He is a versatile artist who goes smoothly painting and sculpture. As a painter and sculptor participated in the early 80s in art competitions and exhibits in galleries in Italy and abroad. His interest in geometric abstraction and for the movement of pure forms and bodies in space as well as the testing of new materials led him to prefer the traditional sculpture and painting-sculpture as a medium. Hi is specializes in the use of new techniques and mixtures of new materials then in their expressive possibilities.

After successfully completing his secondary education, he graduated in Civil Engineering from the Polytechnic of Naples followed many insights in the field of technical expertise. Artistic activity combines both a freelance designer civil and teaching in the secondary school level; meanwhile, a continuously updated personnel in the artistic field that leads to turbulent confrontation with the new styles and the new techniques of artistic representation.

His research is currently directed towards the study and the realization of sculptures and paintings using innovative materials, finishes grainy and metallic shades for the surface finishing of organic and geometric shapes.